Automation Training Program

Join industry experts and learn about emerging trends in window shade design and specification. With the industry moving away from solely aesthetic design considerations for window coverings and increasing its focus on integrated building design goals, these sessions are a must for individuals looking to elevate their understanding of the complex glazing system (glass + shading + hardware).


Our half and full-day symposiums cover a number of meaningful topics, including our RB 500+ roller shade hardware, fabric as it relates to the shades and glass, and the benefits of automation. Whether you’re working with a designer, architect or builder – or you are one yourself – understanding the different shading systems and how they, when combined with the right fabrics and motors, can positively impact the overall performance of a building is key to a projects’ success.


Come hear the stories of our sponsor companies so you can move forward with how to best build a foundation of knowledge and expertise with Hunter Douglas Architectural.